Saphenous vein preserving course

saphenous vein sparing course
Course on saphenous preservation Felipe Faccini

Saphenous Vein Sparing Course


Revision of Venous Anatomy and nerves around veins.

Physical Principles of Fluids

Hemodynamics of the lower limb – the pumps and compartments

Lower limb hemodynamics – Veins

Revisiting the perforators

Hemodynamics of the lower limb – the foot

Hemodynamic Mapping – How Do I Do It

Reflux: Theories and their importance


Technique CHIVA

ASVAL Technique

The myth of crossectomy (reason for the delay of venous hemodynamics in the Americas)

Recurrence after varicose vein surgery – discussion of techniques

Live International with Prof Ermini. Students ask questions to the team here. After exhausted questions and discussion we connected with Prof Ermini and discussed with him.

Hemodynamic marking of several cases in the office

Hemodynamic surgeries in the operation room.

Final discussion.

We accept registrations of vascular doctors and angiologists. Only one student at a time due to the progress of the clinic along with the technique learning. The course has 60 hours planned for division between theory, office and operating room.  In the first 20 surgeries after returning to your state, we will be available for discussion by Live to give safety in performing the procedure.

In the course contract there is a confidentiality clause that aims to maintain the quality standard of the entrance of hemodynamic surgery in the country.
Lectures and lectures in congress do not enter the confidentiality, without problems also of dividing our didactic material for this purpose.

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Map of the preservation of saphenous vein in Brazil

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