Fractionation of pressure x Varicose veins

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High hydrostatic pressure is the cause of increased varicose veins and all complications. Depending on the size of the blood pressure column will occur the dilation of the veins and the progressive worsening. An interesting parallel would be a waterfall, the higher and without obstacles the greater the force of water on the ground. The musculature of the leg and thigh and the venous valves make a natural fractionation of the pressure. When These factors are altered the venous disease progresses. InkedAMA_Cascada_de_San_Rafael_limite_provincial_de_Napo_y_Sucumbíos (8227381138) _LI After CHIVA The hydrostatic pressure column fractioning decreased the veins and symptoms. It Would be as if the waterfall had natural barriers to water fall. Inkedwaterfall_LI