CHIVA Varicose Vein Surgery – Postoperative for patients living in RS and SP

Quick Answers:

To drive? Next day if you have no inguinal dots. If you have inguinal dressing 2-3 days for short journeys and 7 days for long journeys.

Shower? Usually. Shower with bandage and at the end remove the wet bandage and put a large BandAid or Nexcare Flexible to protect.

Walk? The better the better since day one.

Gym? Without exaggerating the legs. Start the day after surgery and wearing the elastic stockings.

Massage? Usually. For obvious reasons we advise that the massage professional avoids direct pressure on the dressing site.

Fasting? Preoperatively 6h without ingesting anything, water, gum or candy. Anything. Outside this period normal eating.

Ellastic sock? It depends on the case and the elasticity of the varicose veins. Usually keep 24 hours without removing after leaving the procedure. After this period use only during the day for 14 days.

Medicines? Our protocol provides for the use of medication to prevent venous thrombosis for 10 days postoperatively. Start the next day because we already have a dose in the hospital.

Pain? More than half of patients do not take pain medication. Patients who have pain use some simple pain reliever a few doses (which is accustomed and / or as prescribed).

Pre-procedure guidelines

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. For patient care and some mild sedation in more nervous people we call anesthesiologist. For this reason, the 6-hour TOTAL FAST is important.

Preoperative exams requested by Dr F Faccini and staff should be ready on the day of surgery. Exams are not always available for viewing on the internet properly, if possible you should print and take the exams with you.

IMPORTANT: In the post-operation period the veins are decreasing rapidly or sometimes slowly depending on the case. After decreasing the pressure inside the vein the pressure in the diseased venous system decreases and the veins also. In most cases the collaterals and some microvarials disappear within weeks after surgery. In a few cases some collateral and microvarices do not disappear, for cosmetic result we do laser skin and / or sclerosis after some time. That happens with the other methods as well. There is no definitive cure for chronic venous insufficiency, what we do is the maximum to avoid complications of the disease and relapse.

The CHIVA Ecodoppler is usually performed the same day or the day before the procedure in the office. If there is an impediment to notify the doctor and the venous map can be performed on the surgical block even in exceptional cases.

According to CFM RECOMMENDATION No. 1/2016, the patient must have information about the procedure and sign the consent form. We have a very explanatory term regarding the surgical techniques of varicose veins that should be well read and doubts taken. Carry out the day of the procedure, read and signed.

Guidelines after the procedure ✍️

As you must have read in the term the main intercurrence after surgeries in general and the thrombosis of veins and their complications. We take great care that this does not happen and these must be followed strictly.

The patient must WALK ENOUGH already from the first hours after the surgery. At least two walking walks a day and many small walks indoors. You can go to the supermarket, shopping or walking on the street.
Patient should drink plenty of water (2 liters a da
y) Patient should use blood thinning medication during the PO period. Two options are Xarelto 10 mg every 24 hours or Eliquis 2.5 mg 12/12 hours orally. The number of days varies according to the case, consult your doctor to know how many days (the first dose is still given at the hospital and should start only 24 hours after).
The elastic stockings should be used without removing for 24 hours and then remove to sleep and put on again when waking up. Type ⅞ with compression 20-30 mmHg to be purchased at a specialized store with the leg measured on time. Keep your socks in good condition because on long journeys varicose patients should wear socks and it lasts for 6 months of continuous use. In the postoperative period we used 15 days, but in patients with bulky varicose veins we may need more time.
The food should be normal, with no restrictions or additions due to the procedure.

The stitches are removed with 6-7 days of PO by the doctor. Book date with the secretary.

To drive the 🚗 Car. If there is an inguinal incision we suggest 2-3 days for short trips and driving a lot after removing the stitches. If there is no inguinal incision you can drive on the first day.

The dressings that come out of the block are made for compression and must remain unopened for 24 hours. After 24h if wetting or soiling can remove and put a band-aid or large size nexcare on top to protect the point. At the time of the bath leave the dressing and at the end remove the wet, dry lightly and paste the new one.

Usually CHIVA hurts little. Most patients take less than 2 cp for pain and many none. We suggest that you use pain medication that you use and only if it hurts.

If there is large swelling, fever, discharge, or other signs of a problem, call the doctor and / or attend the hospital emergency room.

If you live far away and need to come to Porto Alegre or Sao Paulo by plane or many hours by car, click on the link for patients who live far away.

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