Features CHIVA: Unlike laser, foam and safenectomy – maintain the saphenous vein.

The CHIVA method differs from other methods of treating varicose veins because it places the maintenance of saphenous veins as the first premise. It is not the best method to eliminate saphenous as it is done in stripping and chemical and physical ablation (laser, radiofrequency and sclerosis). In this technique the specialist chooses how and where to drain the flow of the insufficient veins to obtain clinical improvement of the patient.

The functional result is based on 3 premises.

  1. Stop altered circulation – Veno-venous shunt. That is, leakage of flow from the deep venous system to the superficial must cease.
  2. Fractionate the pressure and decrease the venous flow in the veins, interrupting the blood leakage points. The figure below shows the Perthes test. The same leg before and after we put a strip of rubber to observe the reduction of caliber of the veins by the decrease of the pressure coming from the undue superficial deep – superficial circulation.
  3. Use some distal surface-deep connection point to return the flow to the deep system. Re-entry Point – Marked with P in the photo.

We perform a follow-up complete preoperative venous mapping of a minimally invasive intervention under local anesthesia, low pain scores, and immediate discharge.