LIVE Sociedade Brasileira Angiologia e Vascular Surgery – Preserving saphenous veins

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On 09/23/2020 we did a live on varicose vein surgery on the official page of SBACV (Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery). In this LIVE, we talk about saphenous, CHIVA and ASVAL preservation. Additionally, we talked about the possibility of improving leg circulation with injection and laser sclerotherapy. In addition, we discussed the use of dilated bypass in bridges and what happens when a bypass is removed. The discussion is long but very detailed.

Our debater of live varicose vein surgery – preserving saphenous veins – Dr Thiago Melo asked several interesting questions on the subject. In this way, the video is available to you on SBACV's Instagram.

If you are interested, our instagram is on this link.

In addition to Dr Felipe, Dra Claudia Sathler from Minas Gerais also participated. As many subjects remained without going into depth, Dr. Claudia organized a new LIVE for the following week. So, we complemented the first and had a quick message from professors Claude Franceschi (developer of CHIVA) and Prof Stefano Ermini (world authority on technique). The discussion is long but very detailed.

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