How is the recovery after CHIVA varicose vein surgery?

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Quick Answers:

Time in hospital / clinic? Right after procedure you can go home.

To drive? Next day if you have no inguinal dots. If you have inguinal dressing 2-3 days for short journeys and 7 days for long journeys.

Shower? Usually. Shower with bandage and at the end remove the wet bandage and put a large BandAid or Nexcare Flexible to protect.

Walk? The better the better since day one. Walking is very important in recovery.

Gym? Without exaggerating the legs. Start the day after surgery and wearing the elastic stockings.

Massage? Usually. For obvious reasons we advise that the massage professional avoids direct pressure on the dressing site.

Fasting? Preoperatively 6h without ingesting anything, water, gum or candy. Anything. Outside this period normal eating.

Ellastic sock? It depends on the case and the elasticity of the varicose veins. Usually keep 24 hours without removing after leaving the procedure. After this period use only during the day for 14 days.

Medicines? Our protocol provides for the use of medication to prevent venous thrombosis for 10 days postoperatively. Start the next day because we already have a dose in the hospital.

Pain? More than half of patients do not take pain medication. Patients who have pain use some simple pain reliever a few doses (which is accustomed and / or as prescribed).

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