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Saphenous vein sparing Map in Brazil

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On the map we have the centers that are doing CHIVA in Brazil. Thus, after training in Europe and preparation of didactics we began to spread the technique. 

The advantages of preserving the saphenous vein are great, but unfortunately the training to obtain good results is hard.  

Patients maintain the saphenous vein that in the future serves to: 1- guide eventual new varicose veins, 2- natural bypass in case of thrombosis or trauma and 3- saphenous bypass in heart and limb ischemia. 

Dr Felipe Puricelli Faccini serves in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

Dr. Juliana Chagas Souza trained in Porto alegre and Attends in Aracaju

If you are vascular and want to learn how to do ….

If you are patient and want more information ….

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