Hemodynamic Principle Sclerotherapy – Laser or usual

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Simpler cases can be rtreated without surgical procedure through injection or laser into the vein responsible for the problem. Patients who do not have a large amount of dilated veins, who have little saphenous vein involvement, or who have already had varicose vein surgery may benefit.

The procedure initially consists of a diagnostic examination to define the origin the flow that is overloading the veins. Followed by a direct injection into the vein responsible for the problem. Often the elimination of the hemodynamic source of blood already withers much of the veins.

In cases where the veins do not disapear it might be necessary to continue with laser and sclerotherapy for cosmetic results.

Unfortunately, some cases may not respond well to the injection and require surgery later.

Understand the principle of fractioning to treat varicose veins.

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