Does the size of the saphenous vein matter?

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A recent study in France directly linked the size of the saphenous vein with complications in patients with varicose veins. A total of 2450 members (1245 people) with varicose vein symptoms were studied. Forty percent had saphenous insufficiency and 60% only minor veins. Sixty two percent of the patients with refluxing saphenous vein had normal vein diameter <6mm.

In addition, the study demonstrated that the larger the saphenous vein size (diameter), the greater the chance of presenting complications of venous insufficiency.

Important lessons from the study.

  1. 60% of the cases had no saphenous vein involved in the symptoms. These cases do not need a major procedures to treat.
  2. The majority of cases of saphenous vein reflux have no enlargement.
  3. Notably, the bigger the saphenous vein gets, the greater is the chance of varicose vein complications.

What does it mean to the patient?

  1. In our practice, over 80% of cases do not require surgery to treat. Maybe our patients seek help earlier.
  2. The fact that the saphenous vein is normal size in most cases corroborates the central idea of CHIVA.  The vein is a conduit that enlarges with the pressure, not the disease per se. Techniques that destroy the saphenous vein would eliminate 62% of normal-size saphenous veins. These veins only have reflux (that can be resolved by eliminating its source).
  3. Concerning size of the saphenous vein and complications. The larger is the saphenous vein, the greater the chance of serious disease.

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