Can we operate varicose veins and travel after?

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Telemedicine today is a hotly debated topic. Surgical cases for obvious reasons require interaction between the physician and the patient for surgery.

The follow-up period before and after for venous surgery is very short. The advent of telemedicine may shorten the period further. In this way, making it easier for the patient to choose team and surgical technique without the usual geographical barriers of surgeries.

A very interesting study of the Journal of Telemedicine 2018 compared the surgical complications of patients who did the postoperative follow-up in the clinic itself and the patients who did by telemedicine protocol with the surgical team. The results were similar in both groups showing similar results in patients who were attended in person and in those who had remote follow-up.

Our experience corroborates the international findings. Proper prophylaxis and care of postoperative events can be performed with CHIVA.

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