CHIVA results – Does practice lead to perfection?

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Does the result depend on the technique? Yes.

The hemodynamic technique of CHIVA is very different from the techniques usually performed usually.
The hemodynamic and Doppler training of the surgeon performing the procedure is critical.
A clinical trial on CHIVA showed that, performed by inexperienced surgeons, the results may be worse than the results of surgeries that destroy the saphenous vein. This happens even if the team has great experience in common surgeries.

Mandolesi in 1990 presented results with 10% superficial phlebitis in patients after CHIVA. This worsens the clinical outcome. On the other hand, Parés had 1.3% of the cases with superficial phlebitis. In our series, we had 1.9% superficial phlebitis and all asymptomatic patients diagnosed by Doppler ultrasonography. In short, depending on the experience of the service in CHIVA, the result changes a lot. Specialized services have better results.

The probability of superficial phlebitis in most techniques for varicose vein surgery ranges from 2-8%. Thus, surgery performed with 10% of phlebitis is not advantageous.

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