Varicose veins recurrence – the role of pelvic veins and pelvic leaks after varicose vein surgery

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Studying varicose veins after stripping surgery, we found that among 542 patients with relapse, 70 patients (+/- 13%) had pelvic shunt (pelvic shunt).

The shunt may come out through various communications of the pelvis with the leg according to the figure. The excess blood that goes to the veins of the leg through the shunt causes increase in veins in size and number.

Pelvis leaks and varicose veins
Pelvic leaks and varicose veins

This is specially important in women due to hormonal changes and pelvic veins. Men may also have pelvic leaks.

Treatment of recurrent varicose veins not eliminating these pelvic leaks usually has a poor outcome.


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