Clothes worn by doctors (suit and tie?)

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In England since 2008 there is a dress code for physicians while they are caring for patients. Some scientific studies have shown that the tie in procedures environments can harbor bacteria and create problems. Feminine and masculine adornments like necklaces, bracelets, rings among others can also carry bacteria.

Some advocate that doctors use scrubs in such settings (surgical clothing). On the other hand there are studies that show that patients prefer doctors in white lab coat, which can affect the follow-up of the doctor’s instructions given by the patients.

A study conducted in England showed that patients prefer to be seen by white-collar doctors and formal dress in most situations. An exception for emergency surgeons and doctors when people said they would rather use scrubs.

We have defined the dress code as follows. On days when only consultations are performed, the doctor may wear social clothing and a white apron with his or her normal shoe or surgical shoe. On days when there are procedures in the clinic, the physician (s) should use the scrub in block shoe procedures. For the appointments between procedures can be used the scrub with apron on top.

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