Reasons not to destroy the saphenous vein in varicose vein surgery

7 reasons that make us choose CHIVA

  1. It is known that people who have varicose veins present alterations in the veins and tendency to recur. In this way, the less relapses in the long term the better for the patient. The lower the magnitude of the procedures in the reinterventions, the better for the patient. CHIVA presented fewer recurrences than stripping in some clinical trials.
  2. If possible, retain the saphenous vein for future use. It may be important in coronary or limb saphenous (in cases of ischemia).
  3. Maintain the circulation of the leg in the event of relapses, thrombosis or trauma in the future that create a need for greater drainage.
  4. Procedure that can adapt the treatments to the types and anatomical sites of chronic venous insufficiency.
  5. Preserve the drainage function of the saphenous vein to decrease recurrences of collaterals and microvarices.
  6. Limit the progression of varicose veins in case of a new deep leakage leakage point. (The new vanishing points are common and there is no way to avoid them so far)
  7. The smaller the size and the lower the risk the better the procedure. Local anesthesia is low risk. In addition, local anesthesia prevents injuries to nerves that occur in procedures with rachi or general anesthesia.

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