Procedure guidelines for patients

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. For patient care and some mild sedation in more nervous people, we always have an anesthesiologist. For this reason, it is important the SIX-HOUR FAST (6H WATER).

Preoperative exams requested by Dr F Faccini and staff, they should be ready on the day of surgery. Exams are not always available for viewing on the internet properly, if possible you should print and take the results with you.

IMPORTANT: In the post-operation period the veins are decreasing rapidly or sometimes slowly depending on the case. After decreasing the pressure inside the vein the pressure, the veins size decrease also. In most cases, the collaterals and some microveins (spider) disappear within weeks after surgery. In a few cases some collateral and spiders do not disappear. These cases have laser or liquid sclerosis after some time for cosmetic reasons. That happens with the other methods as well. There is no definitive cure for chronic venous insufficiency, what we do is the maximum to avoid complications of the disease and relapse.

The CHIVA Ecodoppler is usually performed the same day or the day before the procedure in the office. If there is an impediment, the doctor may do the venous mapping in the operation room in exceptional cases.

According to CFM RECOMMENDATION, the patient must have information about the procedure and sign the consent form. We have a very explanatory term regarding the surgical techniques of varicose veins that should be well read and doubts explained.

Guidelines after the procedure

As you must have read in the term the main intercurrence after surgeries in general and the thrombosis of veins and their complications. We take great care that this does not happen and these must be followed strictly.

The patient must WALK a lot in , 2h a day at least, beginning the first hours after the surgery. You can go to the supermarket, shopping or walking on the street.

Patient should drink plenty of water (2 liters a day)

Patient should use prophylactic anticoagulant medication the PO period. The number of days varies according to the case, consult your doctor to know how many days (the first dose is given at the hospital and you should start only 24 hours after).

The elastic stockings should be used without removing for 24 hours and then remove to sleep and put on again when waking up. Type ⅞ with compression 20-30 mmHg.

Keep your stockings in good condition, to use later on when traveling. In the postoperative period we use it for 15 days, but in patients with bulky varicose veins we may need more time.

The food should be normal, with no restrictions or additions due to the procedure.

The stitches are removed with 6-7 days of PO by the doctor. We usually book the date when we book the date of the surgery.

The dressings that come out of the surgery are made for compression and must remain unopened for 24 hours. After 24h, if wetting or soiling you can remove and put a band-aid or large size nexcare on top to protect the region. At the time of the bath, leave the dressing and at the end remove it, dry lightly and paste the new one.

Usually CHIVA hurts little. Most patients take less than 2 cp for pain and many none. We suggest that you use pain medication that you use and only if it hurts. The doctor will prescribe it for you.

If there is large swelling, fever, discharge, or other signs of a problem, call the doctor and / or come to the hospital emergency for examination.

Specific guidelines for patients who live far away

Our suggestion is that the patient stay in Rio Grande do Sul until the points are withdrawn (6-7 days). Not necessarily in Porto Alegre. On the day of surgery and the next we suggest you stay in Porto Alegre as well as in the 6-7 day. In the others you can enjoy and help recovery by sightseeing and walking around here. There are hotels of different price ranges and number of stars near the office and also in Gramado/Canela for the days for the days PO 3,4 and 5. In addition, patients who are going to fly extend anticoagulant prophylaxis for 10 days.

We have some useful links for tourism, just click on the photos of Bento Gonçalves, Porto Alegre and Gramado below.

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