History of CHIVA

In the 1980s Prof. Claude Franceschi in France began to develop the guidelines for the operation of the varicose vein preserving the saphenous vein (unlike all other treatments for the disease). In 1988, he published the first comprehensive book on the principles of hemodynamic treatment of varicose veins that was called “Cure conservatrice et Hemodynamique de L’Insuffisance Veineuse en Ambulatoire” (conservative and hemodynamic treatment of venous insufficiency in the office). CHIVA consists of a local office based anesthesia treatment for varicose veins. Book covers from 1977 to 1988 which published the basis of the technique.

Since this period the technique developed, today is performed in several countries of Europe, China, Brazil, among others. The duplex scan should be very complete and performed by a physician with great hemodynamic knowledge of the venous system and fully integrated with the surgical team. Duplex knowledge and integration with the operation make it difficult to perform in countries where the examination is performed by non-academic hemodynamics venous or outside the surgical team.

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